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With four generations and 60 years of industry expertise, Mosner Family Brands proudly offers unrivaled epicurean experiences with our curriculum of Art of Butchery classes. Our Family has designed a series of courses that embrace students with a wide range of culinary and carnivorous backgrounds. Whether you have a passion for protein or are simply curious to explore the Art of Butchery, there is a class and experience for you.

Mosner Family Brands' classes are 100% hands-on. Depending on the class selected, our students have the opportunity to breakdown complex sub-primal muscle groups or whole carcasses under the guidance of Master Butchers. Keep reading for class specifics!


Introductory to the Art of Butchery

Our acclaimed Introductory to the Art of Butchery course is our most popular class. Whether you are an industry professional or simply seeking a better understanding of the butcher case, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge to be gained in this 2 ½ hour meat crash course. Students can look forward to hands-on meat fabrication, discussion topics such as animal anatomy, flavor fundamentals, grading, labeling, and cooking techniques, a plant tour and more. Included in the cost of tuition, all students will depart with 8 lbs. of vacuum-sealed, storage-ready meat from the class. The experts at Mosner Family Brands help students cultivate basic butchery skills, widen their culinary knowledge, and become more informed, responsible, and conscious meat consumers.

Classes are held on selected Saturdays at Mosner Family Brands in the Bronx, New York. Cost per student is $299. Group pricing and Corporate Events available.

For class schedule, please email info@mfbny.com


"The Butcher's Course" Advanced Art of Butchery

If you're serious about your meat our Advanced classes should be your destination. In this course, our Master Butchers will guide you through nose-to-tail fabrication of your choice of a whole local pig, Colorado Lamb carcass, or primal cuts of beef. These courses can be held in the comfort of your home kitchen with one or two students, or in our USDA facility with groups of 5 or more. For the food connoisseur, there is simply no epicurean experience that can compare. Our students develop wide-ranging butchery skills, as they fabricate whole carcasses using the same saws and knives that have been utilized in the butchery trade for centuries.  These intimate classes last between 3 and 4 hours and may also encompass custom grinding to create chopped meat and artisanal sausage making. Students keep all the meat they fabricate from the animals, which ranges from 60-120 lbs. of perfectly portioned cuts.

Classes are held by appointment only and may be held at Mosner Family Brands in the Bronx, New York or a location of the student's choosing. Cost per student ranges from $499-$2,500. Group pricing and Corporate Events available.


Create Your Own Class

Interested in making sausage? Breaking down a full chicken? Learning how to tie a roast? We at Mosner Family Brands are here to help. Over the years, we've found that some of our students have very specific goals and that's why we always offer you the opportunity to create your own curriculum.

Classes are held by appointment only and may be held at Mosner Family Brands in the Bronx, New York or a location of the student's choosing. Cost per student varies. Group pricing and Corporate Events available. For more information, please email info@mfbny.com


General Information

Mosner Family Brands operates out of a USDA-inspected facility and all participants must adhere to strict food safety guidelines. Classes held at Mosner's facility are conducted in a 32˚F climate controlled environment. Students should come prepared by dressing very warmly in winter wear and wearing boots. All students must be pre-registered before the date of their course. Cancellations within 7 days of the class date are not permitted. Mosner Family Brands reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class due to low attendance or scheduling conflicts, upon which time all participants will be notified and offered options within a reasonable timeframe.

For additional information, please email info@mfbny.com