Mosner Family Brands is a WELLNESS animal proteins company with a deep commitment
to meeting consumers’ heightened values towards the origins and attributes of the food they
purchase for themselves and their families.
We are a company that strives to build a sense of connection, collaboration and
COMMUNITY with our customers, based upon our shared sense of VALUES and trust.
Our success is the strength of our bond with our customers and their identification and
investment in our mission to help us improve to meet their needs.
As a FAMILY and company, we live our values and create products for which we are both
the supplier and consumer. In that way, AUTHENTICITY, HONESTY, and CONNECTION
are the core tenets of our philosophy and guide our decision making.
Whether a retailer, foodservice distributor, restaurant group, or e-commerce business,
Mosner Family Brands serves to offer supply, program-driven and manufacturing
SOLUTIONS with its portfolio of better-for-you proteins.