Grass Fed Beef

At Mosner Family Brands, we proudly support the wellness movement towards healthier proteins. We believe that raising an animal in an ethical manner, with respect and care for the environment, yields a better, more nutritious end product. Grass Fed Beef has been a growing category because it is better for the environment and healthier for you.

Mosner Family Brands carefully sources 100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef from family ranchers that are passionate about their craft. Our Grass Fed beef is never ever administered hormones, growth promotants or antibiotics.



Grain-Fed Beef

Grain Fed Beef is celebrated for its fine marbling and robust flavor. Marbling is the flavor that provides a wonderfully rich eating experience. Mosner Family Brands’ beef cattle are born and raised in the US, predominately in the Midwest. Our beef cattle are grain-fed, typically a corn and soy-based feed, to guarantee unparalleled flavor and tenderness.

Mosner Family Brands carries a variety of Grain-Fed Beef cuts in USDA Prime, USDA Choice, and USDA Select grades to accommodate the various needs of our customers. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grades beef based on the amount of intramuscular marbling, or white flecks of fat throughout the muscle. USDA Prime-grade denotes the highest amount of fat, and often times demands a premium over Choice and Select grades, as only 2% of the cattle raised in the United States meet the Prime specifications, annually.

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Mosner Family Brands proudly partners with a small network of family farms in the Genesee Valley of Western New York to raise high-quality, humanely-raised, heritage breed (Berkshire/Duroc) hogs. Renowned for its deep and fertile soil, our farms are located at the base of Lake Ontario on the Tug Hill Plateau. Mosner’s farmers also grow their own feed inputs; a nutritious diet of home grown grains, including non-GMO corn, non-GMO soy beans, peas, alfalfa hay and barley. Mosner Family Brands’ Pork is 100% antibiotic free (ABF) with no added hormones, and 100% vegetarian fed without the use of any animal bi-products.

In addition, Mosner Family Brands Pork is Step rated by the Global Animal Partnership, a nonprofit charitable organization committed to the continual improvement of the lives of farm animals.




American Lamb


Mosner Family Brands partners with farms in the American West predominately in the states of South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Utah to raise lamb to our standards and specifications. Mosner Family Brands works diligently to ensure a safe and natural environment for our lamb to grow. Our lamb graze on some of nature’s best resources in the lush prime grasslands. The lamb are then finished on a feed of high quality grain for up to 100 days. This results in the most outstanding USDA Choice or Higher Lamb in the country, that is well-marbleized and richly flavored.

With nearly 60 years of experience in the industry, Mosner Family Brands’ customers can expect fresh, hand-picked and hand-cut lamb. Our internal selection process is stringent and consistent. The selection protocols implemented for Mosner Family Brands’ Lamb program ensure quality and consistency.

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New York State Lamb

Quality lamb begins with quality care.

Mosner Family Brands partners with Pine Hill Farms, located Elba, New York to raise lamb in a natural and sustainable environment. Pine Hill Farms is committed to the humane treatment of their animals, with the belief that protecting, conserving, and improving the environment are the cornerstones of successful farming. Pine Hill Farms has a simple approach; allow lamb to graze naturally on the plush pastures of the Genesee Valley, never adding hormones or antibiotics and supplementing only with vegetarian feed. The end result is an extremely tender and exceptionally succulent flavored product.



Australian Lamb

Mosner Family Brands carefully sources Australian Lamb from select producers and processors on the east coast of Australia. Our Australian Lamb is 100% free range and pasture raised, grazing on an all-natural diet of mixed grasses and resulting in a sweet and mild flavor. Australian Lamb receives no added hormones, and antibiotic use is extremely limited, as the lamb are typically quite healthy in their natural environment. Mosner Family Brands focuses on sourcing only first and second cross lamb, breeds that are intended for meat consumption and genetically inclined to produce full-muscled cuts.

Mosner’s Australian processors are Halal-certified and practice the highest standards of food safety, which allows for ultimate freshness and extended shelf life. In addition, our processors sort to acheive consistent carcass weights, offering uniform portion sizes and cooking times.

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New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand is renowned for its picturesque pastures which make for an ideal environment to raise lamb. Mosner Family Brands’ New Zealand Lamb is 100% grass fed, with unlimited access to the lush grasses and fresh water sources indigenous to New Zealand. This undisturbed environment and temperate climate makes New Zealand lamb accessible and consistent year-round. New Zealand Lamb is never administered growth hormones and rarely requires antibiotic use, as the natural environment ensures healthy development. New Zealand Lamb is distinguished for its small size and consistency in weight and trim specifications.

Mosner’s New Zealand Lamb processors are certified-Halal and practice stringent food safety regulations. Our New Zealand lamb plant frozen upon processing, which offers an unmatched shelf-life of over 500 days.



Milk-Fed Veal

Mosner Family Brands was originally founded as a veal company by David Mosner in 1957. Over the past 60 years, Mosner Family Brands has proudly supplied some of the nation’s finest retailers and restaurants with exquisite veal products. A member of the Mosner team carefully chooses each piece of veal for every customer. It is the way we were taught by our founder and we pride ourselves in carrying on that tradition.

Mosner Family Brands is committed to supplying only humanely-raised veal to our customers, having led the movement towards group raised veal in the United States, a healthier and more humane way of raising calves. Mosner partners with growers that raise Holstein calves to be lively and strong, allowing them to develop in a group environment; never crated or tethered. It is crucial for our partner farmers to provide a stress free environment for the calves to grow. Herd animals by nature, calves find comfort in socializing with one another in a setting with natural ventilation and sunlight as well as 24-hour access to food and water. Our calves are fed a milk- based formula diet and supplemented with forages as they near maturation, allowing for the animal to have normal development, as they begin rumination. By providing the best possible, natural environment for our calves, the result is an extremely tender, mild protein that has been a culinary staple for decades.



Exotic and Game Meats

Mosner Family Brands is dedicated to supplying the finest exotic and game meats from around the world. We offer a large array of items, including buffalo, venison, wild boar, ostrich, kangaroo, rabbit, and a number of game birds, ducks and foie gras. In addition, we also have baby goat, lamb and pigs available for special order.