Mosner Family Brands has a long standing history in the ever-evolving meat industry. Since our founding in 1957, our goal has been to create pasture to plate protein programs for the health and well-being of our animals, people, and planet. It is our family’s belief that a healthy, stress-free animal yields a superior product and ultimately makes for a more pleasurable eating experience for our customers. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to continue to build protein programs that support our mantra - Quality with Conscience - in full appreciation of the customers and families we serve, the animals under our care and the welfare of our environment. 

Beyond the pasture, we have a true passion for the art of butchery and thoroughly enjoy our craft. We strive to relay our love for a fine piece of meat with every steak, roast or chop that leaves our facility. The meat we provide is always sourced and carefully hand-selected by a member of the Mosner team. Our hands-on, boutique approach was handed down to us from our father and grandfather. We pride ourselves on carrying on the tradition of respect, quality, and service driven approach to our business in our third generation of family management.