For 60 years, the pride of our company has been our partnerships with local family farms.

MFB Legacy continues the work of our founder, David Mosner, to strengthen our ties to regional farming families. We’re committed to raising livestock in bio-dynamic environments that encourage good health and natural behaviors, have positive environmental impacts and give our customers access to wholesome products that they can trust.

As a wellness-focused company, a foundational piece of our mission is to support small family farmers that raise pastured, vegetarian fed animals without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. In this spirit, we proudly offer beef, pork, lamb,veal and poultry programs from the Northeast to our customers, who believe- as we do- in the positive health, environmental, community and social impact of supporting local food initiatives.

Check out some of our programs and friends highlighted below.






Briar Woods Farms is a micro network of small family farmers in Western and Central New York State. Our farmers raise heritage breed pigs in enriched environments that promote natural behaviors, like rooting, using old fashioned methods that stress sustainability and quality. All of the participating farms are Step 2 rated by the Global Animal Partnership.



Pennbrook Acres Farms pigs are born and raised on five family farms in Lancaster, Northumberland and York Counties in Pennsylvania. Pennbrook farmers are united by their common values to ensure that livestock are raised ethically and with care. This program is Step 2 rated by the Global Animal Partnership.



For three generations, the Botticello family has raised pigs on their family farm in the fertile Connecticut River Valley. In a community that has largely moved on from its agricultural past, the Botticello’s continue to raise pigs with exceptional passion and commitment. Their farm is Step 2 rated by the Global Animal Partnership.



Pine Hill Farms lamb roam New York’s lush Genesee Valley under the experienced care of third generation family farmers. Their Dorset, Finn and Il de France breeds thrive on local forages; 1,200 acres of pasture access provides the bulk of their plant-based, natural diet. The lamb are never administered antibiotics or added hormones.