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Mosner Family Brands partners with farmers who source Holstein calves directly from dairies and are committed to raising their livestock to be lively and strong, without the use of crates or tethering. Mosner Family Brands veal is sourced from calves that have never been confined or restricted in movement.

Creating a stress-free environment that encourages animals to express their natural behaviors is a prerequisite for all programs at Mosner Family Brands, and veal is no exception. Herd animals by nature, Mosner Family Brands calves find comfort in socializing with each other in open barns, while enjoying natural sunlight, quality ventilation and unlimited access to food and water. Our calves are fed a milk-based formula diet with supplementary forages as they near maturation, allowing for proper development as they begin rumination.

Mosner Family Brands has purveyed locally-sourced, humanely-raised milk-fed veal for decades. After leading the initiative in the United States to convert veal barns to group housing, our veal program offers both quality and integrity in its animal welfare practices. By providing the best possible natural environment for our calves, Mosner Family Brands veal is an extremely tender and mild protein that our customers can feel good about, as they continue to enjoy a prized culinary staple.

Feel free to contact us a info@mfbny.com with any questions about our veal program.