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Product description

From the flavorful Veal Hind Shank, this premium cut can transform any dinner into an Italian feast. Our Osso Bucco is cut to order from the center of the Hind Shank, ensuring a wonderfully robust piece to enjoy. Braised long and slow with tomatoes and aromatics, our Osso Bucco will fall off the bone for a delicious and succulent treat. For an added delight, scoop out the bone marrow from the center of the Osso Bucco.


What’s Included:

  • 2 All-Natural Milk-Fed Veal Center Cut Osso Bucco, 20oz. each

Suggested Care:

  • Arrives Fresh
  • Please refrigerate or freeze immediately upon receipt.
  • Product should be used within 7 days if refrigerated and 3-4 months if frozen